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Information for Education Students

This is important information regarding implementation of revised curriculum for Education students who enrolled BEFORE 2013-14.

Students who entered before 2013-14 will be audited according to the following guidelines:

  1. Beginning with the December 2013 graduating class, students need 130 credits to graduate.
  2. Students need to complete all required courses from either the current curriculum, the revised curriculum, or a combination of both.  See chart below of Schedule for Courses That Have Changed.
  3. Current students will not be held responsible for courses/credits that are dropped and have no replacement courses/credits.

See Curriculum Changes Beginning 2013-14 for general information about curriculum changes.

Schedule of When Courses are Dropped from Curriculum1

Required Courses/CreditsLast Year Required/Taught
MUS0001 Introduction Music 2012-13
1 keyboard credit  for ECE and elementary ed majors 2012-13
All keyboard and vocal/choral requirements for secondary majors 2012-13
EDU1201 Foundations of Education 2012-13
1 credit of Phy. Ed. Activity Courses for elementary ed majors2 2012-13
2 credits of Phy. Ed. Activity Courses for ECE and secondary majors3 2012-13
SSC1210 Physical Geography 2013-14

1 Courses that have replacement courses are listed in the second chart as courses that have changed.

2 Minors may still require this credit.

3 Phy. Ed. Majors retain this requirement.

Schedule for Courses That Have Changed

New CoursesYear Course BeginsNotes
SCI1003 Biology 2013-14 Replaces SCI1001 Our Living World
SCI1103 Physical Science 2013-14 Replaces SCI1101 Our Physical World
SSC3210 World Regional Geography 2013-14 Replaces SSC2201 Geography of North America1
MTH2003 Elements of Mathematics 2013-14 Replaces MTH2001 Contemp Math for Teachers & MTH2002 Modern Concepts of Geometry
EDU4221 Educating the Exceptional Learner 2013-14 Replaces EDU4220 Educating the Exceptional Child
EDU3411 Literacy Clinical 2013-14 Replaces EDU3410 Junior Clinical
Choirs & Wind Symphony earning 1 credit 2013-14 Replaces earning .5 credits
EDU3241 Teaching Science Concepts 2014-15 Replaces EDU3240 Teaching Science2
EDU3245 Teaching Math 2015-16 Taught in regular semesters3
EDU4260 Elementary Student Teaching II (6 credits) 2016-17 Replaces EDU4252 Elementary Student Teaching II (5 credits)

1 SSC2201 Geography of North America remains as an elective and remains in the social studies major.

2 In 2014-15 and 2015-2016 EDU3241 Teaching Science Concepts is taught in the regular semesters and EDU3240 Teaching Science is taught in the professional semesters (seniors).  EDU3240 Teaching Science is dropped from the professional semesters after 2015-16.

3 In 2015-16 EDU3245 Teaching Math is taught in both the regular semesters and in the professional semesters (seniors).  EDU3245 Teaching Math is dropped from the professional semesters after 2015-16.