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Alternative Ministry App

In recent years at Martin Luther College we have graduates in our teacher and staff minister program who do not receive Divine Calls on Assignment Day for various reasons. We do not know that this will be the case this year, but we also want to be prepared in the event that graduates do not receive calls immediately. All are trained. All are synod-certified. Teachers are also state-certified and licensed. All are eager to serve. Under normal circumstances, they will be assigned later in the summer or return to the Assignment Committee the following year.

We understand that there are congregations and schools who might appreciate temporary service from such graduates of MLC. Are there areas in our synod where local school districts are hiring? If so, would the local WELS congregation help interested candidates make arrangements for an interview? Might that congregation also have need for trained ministry volunteers to assist in the gospel work for that locale? Are there WELS congregations or schools that have part-time hired positions under consideration? Would these congregations help a graduate find other employment and housing?

We invite you to submit such opportunities to our Daylight program. Please fill out the enclosed application and send it to:

Pastor John Boeder

1995 Luther Court
New Ulm, MN 56073

You can find the application both in Word and PDF formats below. You can also email your application to Pastor Boeder at or submit any questions you might have.