4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  St. Scholastica vs. Martin Luther
  Date: Oct 18, 2014 • Site: New Ulm, Minn.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
Css 3-8on Mlc30Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.
Css 3-8on Mlc30Kyle Stepka pass complete to Shane Finnegan for 15 yards to the MLC15, 1ST DOWN CSS (Nate Schoenherr).
Css 1-10on Mlc15Kyle Stepka rush for 13 yards to the MLC2, 1ST DOWN CSS (Nate Schoenherr;Yaffet Gabayehu).
Css 1-Gon Mlc02Kyle Stepka rush for no gain to the MLC2 (Jordan Bence).
Css 2-Gon Mlc02Hunter Thompson rush for 2 yards to the MLC0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 13:27.
Mike Theismann kick attempt good.
St. Scholastica 49, Martin Luther 14
 Drive: 8 plays, 68 yards, TOP 3:13
Mike Theismann kickoff 44 yards to the MLC21, Thomas Keller return 11 yards to the MLC32, out-of-bounds (Nick Jerhoff).
Mlc 1-10on Mlc32MARTIN LUTHER drive start at 13:24.
Mlc 1-10on Mlc32Eddie Endicott rush for 3 yards to the MLC35 (Blake Cedarleaf;Luke Scharrer).
Mlc 2-7on Mlc35Eddie Endicott rush for no gain to the MLC35 (Blake Cedarleaf;Alex Piletich).
Mlc 3-7on Mlc35PENALTY MLC false start (Jacob Bode) 5 yards to the MLC30.
Mlc 3-12on Mlc30PENALTY MLC delay of game 5 yards to the MLC25.
Mlc 3-17on Mlc25Joseph Rodewald pass incomplete to Dan Rodewald.
Mlc 4-17on Mlc25Benjamin Balge punt 33 yards to the CSS42, Mitch Ejnik return 0 yards to the CSS42, fumble by Mitch Ejnik recovered by CSS Andrew Smith at CSS44.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 7 yards, TOP 2:34
Css 1-10on Css44ST. SCHOLASTICA drive start at 10:50, CSS ball on CSS44.
Css 1-10on Css44Hunter Thompson rush for 6 yards to the 50 yardline (Nick Kressin;Thomas Keller).
Css 2-4on Css50Hunter Thompson rush for 4 yards to the MLC46, 1ST DOWN CSS (Eric Haley).
Css 1-10on Mlc46Kyle Stepka rush for 26 yards to the MLC20, fumble forced by Thomas Keller, fumble by Kyle Stepka recovered by MLC Thomas Keller at MLC20.
 Drive: 3 plays, 36 yards, TOP 1:11
Mlc 1-10on Mlc20MARTIN LUTHER drive start at 09:39.
Mlc 1-10on Mlc20Benjamin Balge rush for 6 yards to the MLC26 (Luke Scharrer).
Mlc 2-4on Mlc26Daniel Sprain rush for 5 yards to the MLC31, 1ST DOWN MLC (Matt Pint).
Mlc 1-10on Mlc31Joseph Rodewald rush for 5 yards to the MLC36 (Luke Scharrer).
Mlc 2-5on Mlc36Joseph Rodewald rush for 2 yards to the MLC38 (Kyle Guetter;August Marleau).
Mlc 3-3on Mlc38Benjamin Balge rush for 7 yards to the MLC45, 1ST DOWN MLC (Matt Pint;Ian Zenner).
Mlc 1-10on Mlc45Eddie Endicott rush for no gain to the MLC45 (Nick Kaplan).
Mlc 2-10on Mlc45Benjamin Balge rush for 1 yard to the MLC46 (Alex Piletich).
Mlc 3-9on Mlc46Daniel Sprain rush for 29 yards to the CSS25, 1ST DOWN MLC (Zach Dahlman).
Mlc 1-10on Css25Benjamin Balge rush for 5 yards to the CSS20 (Luke Scharrer;Shane Mogan).
Mlc 2-5on Css20Benjamin Balge rush for loss of 5 yards to the CSS25, fumble by Benjamin Balge recovered by MLC Benjamin Balge at CSS23.
Mlc 3-8on Css23Joseph Rodewald pass complete to Josh Rathje for 6 yards to the CSS17 (Kenneth Jinkins).
Mlc 4-2on Css17Joseph Rodewald rush for loss of 1 yard to the CSS18 (DeAngelo Condon).
 Drive: 12 plays, 62 yards, TOP 6:58
Css 1-10on Css18ST. SCHOLASTICA drive start at 02:41.
Css 1-10on Css18Dakota Paulson rush for loss of 4 yards to the CSS14, fumble by Dakota Paulson recovered by CSS Dakota Paulson at CSS14 (Martin Loescher).
Css 2-14on Css14Dustin Shelton rush for 9 yards to the CSS23 (Jordan Bence).
Css 3-5on Css23Dakota Paulson pass incomplete to Tony Busch.
Css 4-5on Css23Zach Dahlman punt 25 yards to the CSS48, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 1:26
Mlc 1-10on Css48MARTIN LUTHER drive start at 01:15.
Mlc 1-10on Css48Benjamin Balge rush for 3 yards to the CSS45 (August Marleau).
Mlc 2-7on Css45Daniel Sprain rush for 2 yards to the CSS43 (Matt Pint;August Marleau).
Mlc 3-5on Css43Benjamin Balge rush for 8 yards to the CSS35, 1ST DOWN MLC (Chico Ortiz).
Mlc 1-10on Css35Clock 00:00.
Mlc 1-10on Css35End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 3 plays, 13 yards, TOP 1:15