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Networked Printers

Networked printers are located in every computer lab. Students may print to these printers from their personal computers. You can install these printers over the web using the links below. These instructions are for computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system only.


  • Your computer must be registered with our network. If you have a working Internet connection, your computer is registered.
  • You must be able to login to Novell on your computer. Install CDs for the Novell client are available from Network Services or you can download the latest client for your operating system from Novell's website.
  • You must install Novell iPrint on your computer. Instructions for doing so are below.

Installing iPrint

iPrint clients are available for most modern operating systems. You can download clients from our network using the following links. These links will only work from MLC dormitories.

Printer Install Links

These links will only work from MLC dormitories.