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Computer Requirements

You are not required to bring your own computer.

Does MLC require students to have their own laptop computers?

No, there is no reqirement to have a laptop or other computer of your own. There are computer labs in all dorms, classroorm buildings, and the library.

If I bring a computer, what does it need to connect to the campus network?

  • It needs to have a network interface and a cable to connect it to a wall jack. The cable needs to be a Cat5 ethernet cable; a telephone cable will not work.
  • It needs a current operating system: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, or Mac OS X will work. Windows 98 and Windows ME are not supported.
  • You are responsible for keeping malware and spyware off of your machine. For recommendations, please see our Spyware & Malware page.
  • You are required to update your operating system regularly as to keep up with all security patches. This is part of being a good member of the Martin Luther College campus network.
  • If you wish to connect to the campus Novell servers, you will need to install the Novell client on your computer. You can download some clients from Novell, but not all operating systems are supported. The Novell client is NOT required to connect to the internet and you will always have access to network-only resources in the computer labs.

How many people have their own computers at MLC?

A little more than half of the students last year had computers connected to the campus network.