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Materials #272 - 1/7/2015

#272 - 1/7/2015


BS 2585.52 .L86 2014
Lunn, Nicholas P.   The original ending of Mark : a new case for the authenticity of Mark 16:9-20 / Nicholas P. Lunn.   Eugene, Ore. : Pickwick Publications, c2014.  

BS 2655 .J8 W38 2004
Waters, Guy Prentiss, 1975-.   Justification and the new perspectives on Paul : a review and response / Guy Prentiss Waters.   Phillipsburg, N.J. : P & R Pub., ©2004.  

BS 2805.5 .B38 1999
Baugh, S. M. (Steven M.), 1954-.   A first John reader : intermediate Greek reading notes and grammar / S.M. Baugh.   Phillipsburg, N.J. : P & R Pub., ©1999.  

BT 764.3 .F46 2008
Fesko, J. V., 1970-.   Justification : understanding the classic Reformed doctrine / J.V. Fesko.   Phillipsburg, N.J. : P & R Pub., c2008.  

BT 764.3 .V533 2013
Vickers, Brian, 1966-.   Justification by grace through faith : finding freedom from legalism, lawlessness, pride, and despair / Brian Vickers.   Phillipsburg, N.J. : P&R Pub., c2013.  

BT 821.3 .P52 2010
Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (36th : 2010).   These last days : a Christian view of history / edited by Richard D. Phillips and Gabriel N.E. Fluhrer.   Phillipsburg, N.J. : P & R Pub., c2011.  

BV 845 .D84 2014
Duguid, Barbara R., author.   Prone to wander : prayers of confession and celebration / Barbara R. Duguid, Wayne Duguid Houk ; edited by Iain M. Duguid.   Phillipsburg, N.J. : P & R Publishing, 2014.  

BX 9422.3 .S74 2004
Steele, David N.   The five points of Calvinism : defined, defended, documented / David N. Steele, Curtis C. Thomas, S. Lance Quinn.   2nd ed.   Phillipsburg, N.J. : P & R Publications, c2004.  

DC 203 .R6825 2014
Roberts, Andrew, 1963- author.   Napoleon : a life / Andrew Roberts.  

DS 119.6 .J83 2014
Judis, John B., author.   Genesis : Truman, American Jews, and the origins of the Arab/Israeli conflict / John B. Judis.   First edition.  

GV 363 .M425 2011
Metzler, Michael W., 1952-.   Instructional models for physical education / Michael W. Metzler.   3rd ed.   Scottsdale, Ariz. : Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers, c2011.  

GV 363 .S73 2015
Lund, Jacalyn Lea, 1950- author.   Standards-based physical education curriculum development / Jacalyn Lund, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Kinesiology and health Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia and Deborah Tannehill, Phd, Emeritus Faculty, Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Univeristy of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.   Third edition.  

GV 365 .A48 2014
SHAPE America (Organization).   National standards & grade-level outcomes for K-12 physical education / SHAPE America -- Society of Health and Physical Educators ; principal writers, Lynn Couturier, Stevie Chepko, Shirley Holt/Hale.   Champaign, Illinois : Human Kinetics, [2014].  

GV 445 .L54 2009 (set)
Lieberman, Lauren J., 1965-.   Strategies for inclusion : a handbook for physical educators / Lauren J. Lieberman, Cathy Houston-Wilson.   2nd ed.   Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2009.  

HQ 767.15 .K33 2015
Kaczor, Christopher Robert, 1969-.   The ethics of abortion : women's rights, human life, and the question of justice / Christopher Kaczor.   Second edition.  

LB 1027.43 .H45 2015
Helm, Judy Harris, author.   Becoming young thinkers : deep project work in the classroom / Judy Harris Helm ; foreword by Lilian G. Katz.  

LB 1139.5 .L35 S545 2015
Silverman, Rebecca D., author.   Developing vocabulary and oral language in young children / Rebecca D. Silverman, Anna M. Hartranft.  

LB 2376 .S775 2012
Student learning abroad : what our students are learning, what they're not, and what we can do about it / edited By Michael Vande Berg, R. Michael Paige and Kris Hemming Lou.   First edition.   Sterling, Virginia : Stylus Publishing, LLC., 2012, ©2012.  

MT 85 .M23 C6 2007
Maiello, Anthony Joseph.   Conducting nuances : little things mean a lot / Anthony Maiello ; music examples by Vincent Oppido; foreword by Mark Camphouse.   Chicago, IL : GIA Publications, c2007.  

MT 85 .U6 1993
Up front! : becoming the complete choral conductor / Guy B. Webb, editor ; twelve essays by Ray Robinson [and others].   Boston, Mass. : ECS Pub., ©1993.  

MT 875 .C36 2005
Carter, Tom, 1956-.   Choral charisma : singing with expression / by Tom Carter.   Santa Barbara, Calif. : Santa Barbara Music Pub., c2005.  

MT 875 .Z33 2009
Zabriskie, Alan.   Foundations of choral tone : a proactive and healthy approach to vocal technique and choral tone / Alan Zabriskie ; [editor, Kevin Fenton] ; cover design and illustrative material by Richard Lackinger.   [United States] : USingersPublishers, c2009.  

PA 817 .B38 2012
Baugh, S. M. (Steven M.), 1954-.   A New Testament Greek primer / S.M. Baugh.   3rd ed.   Phillipsburg, N.J. : P & R Pub., 2012.  

PA 817 .R36 2007
Ramsay, Richard B., 1948-.   Basic Greek and exegesis : a practical manual that teaches the fundamentals of Greek and exegesis, including the use of linguistic software / Richard B. Ramsay.   Phillipsburg, NJ : P&R Publishing, c2007.  

Q 162 .S39 2014
Schwarcz, Joseph A., author.   Is that a fact? : frauds, quacks, and the real science of everyday life / Dr. Joe Schwarcz.  

Q 173 .S38 2004
Schwarcz, Joseph A.   The fly in the ointment : 70 fascinating commentaries on the science of everyday life / Joe Schwarcz.   Toronto : ECW Press, c2004.  

QA 135.6 .P378 2015
Parks, Amy Noelle, author.   Exploring mathematics through play in the early childhood classroom / Amy Noelle Parks ; foreword by Elizabeth Graue.  

QD 37 .S374 2003
Schwarcz, Joseph A.   Dr. Joe and what you didn't know / Joe Schwarcz.   Toronto : ECW Press, 2003.  

QL 677.5 .M38 2014
Marzluff, John M., author.   Welcome to subirdia : sharing our neighborhoods with wrens, robins, woodpeckers, and other wildlife / John M. Marzluff ; illustrations by Jack DeLap.  

T 16 .O94 2008
Oxford handbook of engineering and technology in the Classical world / edited by John Peter Oleson.   Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.  

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