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Subscription Information

last modified 2008-05-13 04:40 PM

Editor — Jack N. Minch

Editorial Board — Philip M. Leyrer, Cheryl A. Loomis, James F. Pope, David D. Sellnow

The Lutheran Educator (ISSN 0458-4988) is published four times a year in October, December, February, and May by Northwestern Publishing House, 1250 North 113th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226-3284. Periodical Postage Paid at Milwaukee, WI.

To order:

  • online: NPH Magazine Subscriptions
  • 1-800-662-6093 extension 8; Milwaukee 414-615-5785
  • write NPH, 1250 N. 113th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53226-3284

Copyright ©2005 by Martin Luther College. Requests for permission to reproduce more than brief excerpts are to be addressed to the editor.

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