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Manuscript Guidelines

last modified 2005-12-02 03:56 PM

How to submit manuscripts for review.

The Lutheran Educator welcomes your manuscript. Please observe the following submission guidelines:

  • Preferred Method: E-mail your manuscript in either Microsoft Word (DOC) or Rich-Text (RTF) format to
  • If unable to e-mail, hard copies are also accepted. Hard copies should be double-spaced and printed on 8.5x11" paper. Mail them to the address on the contact page.

Our editors will read and edit your manuscript. Ordinarily we do not mail you a copy of the edited manuscript. Not all manuscripts will be used in The Lutheran Educator.

Photographs (color or black and white), drawings, diagrams, charts, or illustrations may be submitted. Such visuals can help the reader grasp complex ideas.

With few exceptions, we use only a "Works Cited" bibliography. Only references used in the article are included in the bibliography. If you cite a published work (a book or an article), please provide all the bibliographic information:

  • Books: Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. City, Publisher, Year of publication.
    • Example: Senkbell, Harold. Sanctification: Christ in Action. Milwaukee: Northwestern Publishing House, 1989.
  • Articles: Lastname, Firstname, "Title of Article." Journal Name Vol (Date): page(s).
    • Example: Tiefel, James. "Must Frustration Lead to Resignation?" The Lutheran Educator 29 (October 1988): 18-23.

All articles published in The Lutheran Educator are covered by a copyright assigned to Martin Luther College. Please provide a brief biography for our readers: e.g., John Smith serves as principal and upper grade teacher at St. Paul's Lutheran School, Anytown, Minnesota.

Submissions are due at least eight (8) weeks prior to publication. Deadlines for the October, December, February, and May issues are, respectively, August 1, October 1, December 1, and March 1.

You may be paid a modest honorarium for a published article. We disperse honorariums at the end of a complete volume (four issues).

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