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iPads & Moodle

last modified 2013-03-05 03:30 PM

Tablets are becoming more popular, and several students report experiencing difficulty using iPads to interact in their online courses. The problem with iPads and Moodle is not unique to MLC, but appears to be a result of the limited functionality of web browsers in hand-held technology - especially in Apple iPxx products. The issues are less common with Android powered tablets. MLC adjunct Sallie Draper has looked into solutions for iPad users and suggests improved performance is possible. Read on for solutions.

MLC adjunct Sallie Draper suggests iPad users download the free Moodle app for iOS. She has also experimented with using Moodle in the Safari browser. The Moodle app allows for uploads to a course while Safari does not. She reminds users that any Flash content (Adobe) in a course used for video or audio will not play on an iPad due to proprietary issues between the companies.

For additional information, Sallie suggests the following discussion threads on the site here, here, and here.

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