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Graduation - A Special Day!

last modified 2013-05-03 11:41 AM

Graduation day at MLC has always been special. On that day God’s faithfulness is celebrated because he supplies workers for the harvest. Traditionally, those gathered praise God for moving hearts to respond to his call into ministry. Beginning in 2008 with the first MS Ed graduates, the day is also a celebration of God’s ongoing blessings to his church through veteran teachers. Here are some of the reasons we praise God for MS Ed graduates.

We praise God that he moves the hearts of those in ministry to grow in the use of their gifts. These men and women recognize the responsibility they’ve been given to serve children and families. One way they respond to Christ’s love is by seeking ways to increase their ability to serve.

We praise God that he provides the determination to complete the degree. Pursuing a graduate degree while engaged in the responsibilities of adult life and ministry is challenging. The energy, time, and resources to see the task to completion are gifts God gives.

We praise God that he provides a model of faithful service to those who are on the cusp of their ministry. These veteran teachers demonstrate the importance of continued growth and the desire to pursue excellence in service. The beginning teachers are inspired by their service.

We praise God that the graduates are more fully equipped to serve his people. The MLC graduate studies program is designed to provide teachers with practical ways to add to their repertoire of skills and understanding. The schools and congregations they serve benefit from them keeping their skills finely tuned.

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